Critical Acclaim for David White

"Found within these 11 original compositions are oblique chord progressions, highly syncopated angular passages, rock and jazz fusions at time earthy, at times brainy-intellectual. White's multi-faceted conception of modern jazz bears fruit, making this CD (Words and Music) a must-listen for guitar aficionados."
- Jason West, All About Jazz

"The music of David White bears traces, and then some, of early-60s Coltrane-esque urgency and primacy...He also uses changes in meter dexterously...And unlike many of his fellow players of that instrument (guitar), there is nothing glib or facile about his solos."
- James Isaacs, Boston.Sidewalk

"White's muffled, sometimes bluesy sound is a refreshing change from the standard Montgomery/Scofield options...(he) remains the most interesting voice (among the soloists) and it would be good to hear him in a trio situation."
- Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD (4th Edition)

"Thoughtful and exuberant bebop with a deep groove is the main stock-in-trade...The leader's guitar definitively gives the band a different sound with lush comping and an electric edge to his tone."
- IAJRC Journal

"White has a nicely defined dynamic sense, which is accentuated by his ability to shift rapidly between chunky chords and suspended single notes."

"White's guitar has a light buoyancy... not unlike the early work of Tal Farlow..."
- Frankie Nemko, Jazz Times

"...The interplay of the musicians and the fire with which they play is beyond categorization. This is music. It transcends labels and fashion..."
- Richard Kamins, Cadence

"Superbly refreshing..."
- West Coast Review

"His guitar lines are fluid and melodic, blessed with the raw edge that comes from listening to the ensemble sound rather than merely concentrating on chops."
- Ben Watson, Hi Fi News

"This is complex music that does a lot of intellectual things and still manages to sound good on a gut level...(White) alters the rhythm and chord structure of a couple of jazz standards and presents the familiar melodies in settings that make them sound new again."
- Robert Tate, Jazz Now

Critical Acclaim for Big Neighborhood

"This group definitely has its own sound and, although connected to the jazz tradition, its playing and improvising are quite original."
- Scott Yanow

"A group to keep an eye and ear on in the future; a group to listen to right now."
- All About Jazz

"This is what a sweet life sounds about..."
- Dick Crockett

"Big Neighborhood integrates composition, improvisation, and ensemble interplay in a polished, professional manner. The group cooks."
- Cadence Magazine

"Big Neighborhood is distinguished by fine playing, impressive writing, and great assurance ñ if the acolytes believe, and their talents bear out the creed, belief is so much easier for us who listen in."
- Earshot Jazz Magazine